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here you can buy the professional  Neuroptimal® system for personal use, for individual activities and for improving the well-being and productivity of company employees. Neuroptimal® can not only be a wellness companion for you and your loved ones, but also the start of a self-realisation and business.


Neuroptimal® Tablet Sistema nuo 7.495 USD

Neuroptimal® sistemos įsigijimas

Neuroptimal® Laptop Sistema 10.495 USD

Neuroptimal® sistemos įsigijimas

Neuroptimal® Business Start-up Sistema nuo 29.985 USD

Neuroptimal® sistemos įsigijimas
Benefits for you

The benefits for you when you buy a system from us:

  • You get a free initial consultation.

  • We guide you safely, easily and quickly through all stages of the system purchase.

  • Free 6-hour training on the use of the complete system.

  • Constant communication in case of technical issues or other challenges.

  • Free business and self-fulfilment advice.

  • Free hosting of your contacts on our website.

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"Breadth of mind, strong imagination, and active soul make up a genius",

Deni Diderot.

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