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Improve your quality of life and brain activity with Neuroptimal® sessions.

Enjoy the benefits of research-based technology - promote better quality sleep, more active thinking, easier imagination and improve well-being.

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We've already done over 20,000 sessions
Neuroptimal® sessions from 30 Eur
Suitable for children and adults of all ages

What is the NNF?

Kaip veikia neurotreniruotės?
Kas yra Neuroptimal® seansai?

NNF stands for Natural Neurofeedback, or the ability for a person to train their brain activity. Although the method and its effectiveness have been known for more than 40 years, there is still a lack of suitable equipment to apply it effectively in everyday life. 


In the past, the mapping and use of the NNF would have required an entire room full of computers and technical staff to keep them running. However, thanks to the development of interactive software with advanced technology by Zengar Institute, Inc., the NNF programme based on this software now runs on a laptop computer.


How does neurotraining work?


Neuroptimal® is a patented NNF system that stimulates the central nervous system to optimally use the brain's neural resources. 


Neurotraining is similar to exercising the physical body. Many ailments stem from uncontrollable, repetitive thoughts and feelings that make our minds cognitively and emotionally "stuck".


During the neurotraining, brain biocurrents are recorded and the Neuroptimal® software records their activity. If anomalies are detected, faint crackles or pauses are heard. This creates a "mirror" effect - the brain "sees" itself and promotes self-regulation. 


Such training helps the brain to focus on the available resources and to "pull" itself out of the mental routine. The result is more active thinking, broader perception and a positive attitude. Life situations become more manageable and problems easier to solve.

What are  Neuroptimal® sessions?


It is a safe and effective brain training system that helps the central nervous system (CNS) to optimise brain function.


Neuroptimal® is a dynamic neural feedback system developed using cutting-edge science according to the highest quality standards.


How do Neuroptimal® sessions work?

During the session, you sit comfortably in a chair, and have sensors attached to your scalp and ears, and a computer program reads and records your brain activity and transmits the results to the software. Throughout your neural workout, you listen to music or watch a movie of your choice, while the Neuroptimal® app communicates with your brain through light crunching sounds and short pauses . Basically, the system changes the soundtrack depending on the signals your brain sends you, and uses the mirror effect to help your brain change and optimise its own performance. That's why you may hear various interludes in the music during the session - a signal that encourages your brain to "reboot".


When the session is over, there is usually a sense of relaxation, and thinking becomes lighter and more penetrating. Many of our clients report that after the first session, their sleep is deeper and their dreams more vivid.

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Neuroptimal® |

In addition to Neuroptimal® sessions, we also offer the possibility of renting and purchasing this system for individual use. Promote long-term personal well-being and productivity.


How is Neuroptimal® different from other systems?

1. The Neuroptimal® system is designed to encourage the brain  to make the most of its natural abilities. Unlike other NNF systems, Neuroptimal® sessions do not aim to correct predefined deficiencies or solve specific problems. Such forced solutions to one area of the problem in other NNF systems can have side effects elsewhere. Dynamic Neurofeedback® by Neuroptimal® Systems is a patented technology, the only one in the world specifically designed to work in harmony with the natural non-linear function of the human brain. 


2. Neuroptimal® Neurofeedback is completely safe. Research shows that your brain is the best at knowing which functions to optimise. In short, Dynamical Neurofeedback® provides the information your brain needs and enables the brain's natural self-correction process.


3. Neuroptimal® does not require any effort on your part  during the workout. During the neurotraining, you won't have to do any active activities like playing games, solving puzzles, etc. During the session you can just relax and enjoy!


Benefits of neurotraining

Gilesnis ir ramesnis miegas.png
Deeper and more restful sleep
Aiškesnis mąstymas.png
Clearer thinking
Platesnė vaizduotė.png
Wider imagination
Atminties pagerėjimas.png
Improved memory
Geresnė kognityvinė veikla.png
Improved cognitive performance
Stabilesnės reakcijos į situacijas ir emocijas.png
More stable reactions to situations and emotions
Aiškesnė psichoemocinė būsena.png
Clearer psycho-emotional state
Ramesnė savijauta.png
Calmer well-being
Geresnė dėmesio koncentracija.png
Better concentration
Efektyvesnis mokymasis.png
More effective learning
Didesnis protinis efektyvumas.png
Increased mental efficiency
Gilesnis savęs suvokimas.png
Deeper self-awareness

Who is the NNF Centre's neurotraining intended for?

  • For those under constant stress and strain;

  • For those with attention deficit disorder;

  • For those who often feel tired and anxious;

  • For those complaining of poor sleep quality;

  • For children with developmental disabilities;

  • For those with signs of depression, 

  • PTSD, Alzheimer's, autism spectrum disorders, epilepsy;

  • For those who would like to promote better memory and cognitive abilities to stave off age-related diseases

  • For those with intensive mental work

  • For people with emotional and learning difficulties

  • For those with addictions

  • For athletes;

  • For anyone with a brain and a desire to improve its performance :)

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Procedure prices

33 min. neurotraining
44 min. neurotraining
1 session
30 EUR
35 EUR
10 sessions subscription
+ 1 free session

300 EUR
350 EUR
20-session subscription 
+ 4 sessions as agift
600 EUR
700 EUR

GIFT - neurotraining subscription


Give your loved ones a selected number of Neuroptimal® sessions. Contact us by filling in the registration form and receive a gift voucher for the NNF Centre sessions by email.

NGR kabinetas
Neuroptimal® |

In addition to Neuroptimal® sessions, we also offer the possibility of renting and purchasing this system for individual use. Promote long-term personal well-being and productivity.

"Breadth of mind, strong imagination, and active soul make up a genius", Deni Diderot.

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